Why do you need a cooling pad for your laptop right now

Why do you need a cooling pad for your laptop right now?

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If you are a high-end gamer or even play light to medium games, you may notice that sometimes your laptop's temperatures skyrocket because of overheating. This may severely affect your gaming experience

Fortunately, this issue is treatable! Adding a cooling pad will optimize your laptop's operating temperature, so that you will never have to compromise with your gaming.

Why is a laptop cooling pad needed?

Sometimes your laptop may not be up to the mark and, therefore, incapable of running at optimum temperatures. Certainly, you wouldn't like to touch a piece of plastic/carbon fiber (the outer casing is made out of these) that is burning hot!

Therefore, a laptop cooling pad comes to the rescue in such cases. The basic idea involves the usage of cooling fans. Cooling pads have fans that facilitate the movement of cool air through your laptop, keeping it cool every time.

A cooling pad will serve you two purposes – the first function is that of cooling your laptop and improving its usage. The second purpose that it serves automatically is raising your laptop from below. This would provide you with an incline that you could just be desiring!

Another advantage of a cooling pad is that if you are in the habit of working with your laptop in your bed or keeping it on your lap while working, it will prevent the blankets or pillows from covering the laptop vents, which could potentially cause overheating and damage your device.

But now, a bigger question could pop up in your head – Is a laptop cooling pad necessary for every laptop user?

What could happen if one doesn't have one – how does it extend the life of your gadget?

Do not fret because it wouldn't hurt you if you choose not to invest in a cooling pad. However, suppose you are using a primitive laptop that gets hot easily and have limitations with your budget or possibly other higher priorities which do not allow you to get a new device. In that case, a cooling pad might be the thing you want. 

You might even come across situations where you have a decent laptop and want to play your favorite games on it, but you can't because of the limited specs. And if you try to play, your laptop becomes so hot that you fear it will explode at any second.

If you are under 18 years, you will probably use your parents' laptop to play games. However, that is not good for long-term usage, especially when you wish to play high-end games, since that could shorten the life of the device. But don't feel low! You can ask your parents to buy you a cooling pad, which could solve your problem!

Generally, running GPU-intensive games on a non-gaming laptop could prove fatal and harm the device. If you are desperate to play games on your laptop but don't want to compromise its health, then you can use an affordable cooling pad.

If you own an older laptop and want to run the latest games on it but don't want to risk overheating it, and prolong its life at the same time, you can make use of a laptop cooling pad that will dissipate the heat produced!

Various kinds of cooling pads in the market

There are different kinds of cooling pads that you may need to consider before actually buying one. Understand each of them and then decide what's best for you.

There are 2 types of cooling pads – passive and active.

  • Passive Cooling Pads: This is the simplest kind of cooling pad. As the name suggests, this pad is devoid of mechanical parts. The idea is to elevate the laptop to help the airflow from beneath.

It is ideal for laptops with air vents beneath them instead of sideways ventilation.

They're also preferable in laptops having intake at the bottom. However, they won't work very well for those with weak or no fans.

  • Active Cooling Pads: This cooling pad is a sophisticated piece of accessory that consists of a flat mesh rectangle with cooling fans in them.

Normally, people prefer this kind of cooling pad since they have different flashy colors and a particular number of fans.

This is a good choice for those notebooks which use bottom vents as intake instead of exhaust. But this same cooling pad is detrimental for laptops with exhausts at the bottom.

It is vital to understand what kind of cooling pad your laptop requires. If you don't select the appropriate one, it could damage your gadget.

After thoroughly understanding and deciding on the kind of cooling pad you want, you can look for the best brands for purchasing the same. If you are investing in something, it must suffice your needs and requirements and be worth the money that you are spending.

Archer Tech Lab offers three different kinds of laptop cooling pads which are worth a shot. They are Squall 300, Squall 200 and Squall 100. Each of these has unique features and key points that you should look into.

Squall 300


  1. Durable Metal Grid: This cooling pad has a heavy-duty aluminum metal grid explicitly designed for quick heat dissipation. This accessory keeps your laptop pretty cool and prevents FPS drop.
  2. Adjustability: It comes with an inbuilt elevation bracket through which you can adjust the height of the cooling pad instantaneously. You can easily get the space to place an external keyboard to work with your device. It also has 7 adjustment angles that allow you to work as required accordingly.
  3. Usability: It has an inbuilt phone holder on which you can mount your phone and stay notified throughout your gaming sessions without even bothering to pick up your phone. This pad is a boon for tech-lovers since it also comes with 2 USB ports to provide better accessibility.
  4. Premium Appeal: It has a premium look and feel, with a center RGB. It includes 5 capacitor-fitted noise-free cooling fans that add to its premium quality.
  5. Speed and Compatibility: The Squall 300 has a 3-step speed control that enables the user to adjust the fan speed. It also comes with inbuilt foldable non-slip baffles that can support up to 17-inch laptops.

Squall 200


  1. Intense Cooling: This cooling pad comes with a heavy-duty aluminum metal grid, especially designed for powerful heat dissipation. It is embedded with 5 noise-free turbo fans that help cool your laptop.
  2. Adjustable Height: It comes with 5 adjustment angles that allow you to adjust the cooling pad's height per your requirement. It also has a wonderful 4-place adjustable phone holder on which you can mount your phone and ensure you don't miss out on any notification as you indulge in gaming!
  3. Speed Control: This tool has a speed control button that allows seamless control over the fan speed.
  4. RGB Design: A premium RGB design provides an exclusive appearance. This RGB design comes with a base strip and 5 fan lights.
  5. Compatibility: It consists of two non-slip baffles that are placed intuitively and support your laptop flawlessly. It can support up to 17-inch laptops.


Squall 100


  1. Durability: The Squall 100 has a heavy-duty aluminum metal grid that is made keeping in mind the rapid heat dissipation to keep your laptop cool.
  2. Alignment: It is provided with 5 adjustment positions for adjusting the elevation, so you never have to negotiate on comfort. It is armed with a 2-place adjustable phone holder to ensure seamless viewing of notifications while you are gaming without having to pause.
  3. Noise-free Cooling: It has 5 noise-free turbo fans, designed in such a way as to keep noise levels below 19DB for everlasting and powerful gaming sessions!
  4. RGB Lighting and design: It consists of a premium and unique RGB design to amplify your style standards. It comprises RGB lights in the center fan and blue light in the nearby four fans.
  5. Compatibility: It has two non-slip baffles in an automated fashion that help your laptop in the best way. It is also powered by USB. It supports up to 17-inch laptops.

So, take your pick and save your laptop from that heat!