Keyboard Wrist Rest

Keyboard Wrist Rest

Comfort at Apex
Made for high endurance Gaming, Don't let your wrist stress out
Archer Tech Lab brings you high-end Keyboard Wrist Rest with memory foam for intense gaming
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Aphros 100 Keyboard Wrist Rest
Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,600.00
  • PU Leather Surface For Stable Wrist Position
  • Soft Memory Foam For Optimal Comfort
  • Ergonomic Design With Curved Edges
SOLD OUT Save 64%
Aphros 200 Keyboard Arm and Wrist rest
Rs. 1,089.00 Rs. 3,000.00
  • Relief Wrist Stress While Gaming
  • High End PU Leather Material
  • Super Soft Memory Foam Surface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How to clean a keyboard wrist rest?

A: A Keyboard wrist rest can be cleaned in simply by using some detergent liquid and a soft cloth later to dry. It is not recommended to use any hard scrub as it can destroy the keyboard material.

Q) What all sizes of keyboard wrist rest are available?

A: Keyboard wrist rests are available in a maximum of 2 meters in length. They are designed in a way that they help to protect the keyboard from dirt and dust.