Gaming Mouse Range

What makes Archer Tech Lab's gaming mouse range one of a kind?

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It is possible that, with all of the available options, it will be difficult to pick the gaming mouse that is most suited to your needs. Whether you want a mouse that is wired or wireless, how it looks, how it feels in your hand, the button selections and arrangement, the quality of its sensor, and whether or not you want it to be programmable are all critical factors.

These particulars, even though they may not seem relevant at first glance, could considerably influence the quality of the experience you have with the mouse you end up buying. On the other hand, a mouse may occasionally have attributes that are exaggerated and aren't worth the added money that they bring with them. This is a potential downside of purchasing a mouse.

This is the right site for you if you are interested in high-tech gaming, want to learn more about gaming mouse, and are searching for ways to upgrade your gaming setup at an affordable price.

Types of Mouse available in the market

·       Wired Mouse

A wired mouse connects to your computer by USB and transfers data via cable. The hardware has several benefits. Wired mouse have rapid reaction times because data travels directly via the connection. They're also more accurate. This makes a wired mouse useful for gamers, digital artists, and other precision users.

·       Wireless Mouse

A Wireless mouse sends signals to a computer receiver. The computer takes the signal and decodes which buttons were pressed. The technology in wireless devices provides flexibility and range but has its limitations. Decoding implies a wireless mouse isn't as sensitive to motions as a cabled mouse. Lag may frustrate gamers.

·       Laser Mouse

Whether connected or wireless, an optical mouse and a laser mouse share one essential distinction. Laser mouse employs an LED beyond the visible range to monitor movement, whereas optical mouse uses infrared LEDs. Laser mouse tend to be more accurate. Both mouse kinds are good for PC tasks.

·       Bluetooth Mouse

Wireless mouse designs and Bluetooth mouse designs seem to be comparable since neither requires a cable connection. Most wireless mouse models need a dongle to connect to your PC, via which the mouse interacts. A Bluetooth mouse connects to a variety of devices by using your PC's built-in Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is not available on all devices. If your computer lacks an in-built Bluetooth receiver, you may pair your Bluetooth mouse and other devices via a USB receiver.

·       Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse are wired or wireless and are one of the most important gaming peripherals. These mouse are supposed to accomplish everything a regular mouse can do with better accuracy, decreased latency, and ergonomic designs. Additional gaming mouse features include programmable buttons, colorful patterns, DPI control, and customized drivers.

Some gaming mouse models include adjustable weights, which may help with repeated mouse movements during long gaming sessions. Non-gaming activities may also be done using a gaming mouse.

Specially Designed Gaming Mouse vs Simple Mouse

A gaming mouse is a high-tech mouse meant to provide a player an edge in a competition or boost the user's level of comfort while they are playing a game. The fact that the materials used in the production of a gaming mouse are of a better grade than those in the production of a regular mouse is the primary reason for the increased cost of gaming mouse.

Standard plastic is used in the manufacturing process, and the mouse with the fewest number of buttons is the most fundamental model. A gaming mouse will always include extra button sets in addition to the conventional ones, and it will always have a grip that is comfortable enough to be used for extended periods.

In addition, gaming mouse are often outfitted with various colored RGB LEDs, which allow them to be customized to match the aesthetic of the user's workstation in terms of color scheme. The sensor on a high-end gaming mouse is not only very precise but also very quick to respond, which makes it ideal for aim-based competitive games. Because most of the regular mouse were not able to keep up with quick wrist flick shots, gamers hunt for mouse that feature sensors that can be relied upon.

What makes the Recurve Range Unique?

Archer Tech Lab is a premium brand of gaming accessories that can be found both in the United States of America and in India. The company has facilities in both countries. Hardcore gamers, for whom variables such as gaming performance, product quality, and a winning attitude are of the biggest significance, are the target audience for Archer Tech Lab, whose objective is to create a faultless gaming experience for these players.

Archer Tech Lab's brand-new range of Recurve gaming mouse have been created with the same objective in mind from the ground up. These mouse are equipped with highly specialized and power-packed gaming grade sensors, which enable users to perform the most exact gaming activities possible. It has a high DPI and a number of different modification options, enabling you to personalize it to fulfil the needs of your preferred gaming method.

Choosing the best Recurve mouse for you:


Sale price: Rs. 1,399.00

The new Archer Tech Lab Recurve 500 gaming mouse has a powerful gaming sensor for precise gaming actions. It has 8000 DPI with 6 presets to meet your gaming needs. It's the most well-balanced mouse, inside and out. The 6-breathing color Cycle RGB enhances gameplay. Recurve 500 with Sunplus sensor is the finest balanced mouse for gamers to immerse themselves in an unbeatable gaming experience.


Sale price: Rs. 2,199.00

The new Archer Tech Lab Recurve 400 gaming mouse has a powerful gaming sensor for precise gaming actions. It has 12000 DPI and 6 adjustable options to meet your gaming needs. It's the first mouse with a transparent top, making it a gaming carnival. The 6-breathing color Cycle RGB enhances gameplay. Gamer's best is ensured, and it is a comfortable gaming mouse. It is designed to rest the palm and fingers, keeping them stable and ready for action.


Sale price: Rs. 1,749.00

The new Archer Tech Lab Recurve 300 gaming mouse has a powerful gaming sensor for precise gaming actions. It has 12000 DPI and 6 adjustable options to meet your gaming needs. For prolonged gaming sessions, it has a thumb rest. The 6-colour RGB enhances your gaming experience. Made for elite gamers who never tyre and want to win. This ergonomic mouse with a thumb rest is great for tough gaming. 


Sale price: Rs. 1,599.00

The new Archer Tech Lab Recurve 200 gaming mouse has a powerful gaming sensor for precise gaming actions. It has 12800 DPI with 6 settings to meet your gaming needs. Super quality rubber oil finish makes this gaming mouse stand out. The 13-color Cycle RGB enhances gameplay.


Sale price: Rs. 899.00

The new Archer Tech Lab Recurve 100 gaming mouse has a powerful gaming-grade sensor for precise gaming actions. It has 3600 DPI and 4 adjustment options to meet your gaming needs. The 7-color Cycle RGB enhances gameplay. Don't allow mouse weight to hinder Flick shots, where microseconds count. The lightest mouse in the category for quick gaming motions

The best gaming mouse provides exceptional performance across all of your chosen games and has a comfortable grip that feels great in your hand and matches your hand. Investing in a mouse that feels like it was moulded for your hand, has the proper balance of capabilities, and packs a robust sensor may help you improve the flow of your games and provide the impression that the hits you land have more of an impact. Hundreds of companies are now working in the gaming mouse field, and models may range from low-cost and fundamental pointers to high-end gadgets that promise to provide advantageous features such as wireless charging or banks of configurable buttons.