Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad

Better Airflow. Better Cooling.
Archer Tech Lab brings you innovative cooling pads made with perfect balance of exhaust and front flowing fans to avoid dust traps in your laptops.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Is it worth getting a cooling pad?

A: Yes, cooling pad helps to keep laptop at a lower temperature so that it can function smoothly without any problem. Laptop cooling pads also protect the inner components of the laptop from heat and help it run smoothly during heavy operations.

Q) Can a cooling pad damage your laptop?

A: No, a laptop cooling pad will not damage your laptop. It helps to protect the laptop from overheating and helps the air flow freely in all the laptop's components to protect the hardware from severe heat.

Q) How long do cooling pads last?

A: Laptop cooling pads last for a longer period of time, around 4-5 years depending upon their maintenance and usage. They should be kept away from drinkable items as it may fall and spoil the inner components.