What Should You Look For In A Perfect Mouse Pad

What Should You Look For In A Perfect Mouse Pad?

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Mouse pads are used for placing the mouse while using a computer. A mouse pad can also be a handy accessory if you prefer using an external mouse while using a laptop. While they are mainly used to ensure that the mouse doesn’t slip while using, the new-generation mouse pads are engineered to cater to the user's expectations and requirements. For example, some mouse pads are exclusively created for gamers who need them while engaging in intense gaming bouts with their online opponents or friends. 

Is it the right time to replace your regular mouse pad? If yes, you should not look for regular mouse pads that start deteriorating after a few months. Instead, you need a mouse pad that provides excellent control over cursor movement. If you are an avid gamer, buy a top-rated mouse pad that lets you time your moves and execute combat shots flawlessly.

Some of the best features to look for in a perfect gaming mouse pad are explained below:


Mouse Pad Material

The material used to make the mouse pad determines how well it grips. While some gamers would require a firm gripping surface, some may prefer buying a mouse pad with a smooth surface. But, again, it depends on the games and performance you expect from a gaming mouse pad

Mouse pads can be made with silicon, fabric, and even glass and plastic. Hard mouse pads are usually made of plastic, while soft mouse pads are made of fabric or silicon. If you need your mouse to be more responsive or sensitive to your actions, then mouse pads with a hard surface are preferable. It is because they enable more movement and hypersensitive responses while playing games. On the contrary, if you prefer accurate movement and response, it is better to get a cloth or fabric mouse pad. 

These days, high-end mouse pads have been developed from rubber. These mouse pads have a firm base and come with a textured surface that offers accuracy while indulging in gaming moves. Furthermore, while they are engineered to provide precision, their surface is smooth enough to provide a hypersensitive response when required. Therefore, these carefully crafted and textured mouse pads can fit all occasions and are used for a wide range of games. 

Size & Portability 

Mouse Pad Size

Finding a mouse pad that has a perfect size can be quite tricky at times. You will find many mouse pads that are either too big or too small. If you use a table or gaming desk, the space available on your desk or table will determine whether a mouse pad is suitable for you or not.

Some gamers don't mind leaving their long mouse pads in a hanging position on their desk. However, it does not appear aesthetically pleasing and may cause the surface to slip off during intense gameplay. An ideal size for a mouse pad would provide enough space for movement while not occupying a huge space on your table or gaming desk.

You should measure the exact size available on your desk or table for a mouse pad. It will allow you to find mouse pads of similar dimensions on e-commerce marketplaces. The height of the mouse pads should also be perfect so that it doesn't cause any discomfort while using them. The ones that are a few millimeters high are perfect if you intend to use the mouse for long gaming sessions. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider all the dimensions of the mouse pads before investing in them.

You should also remember that large mouse pads are often hard to carry in a backpack or traveling bag, especially if they are not foldable. If you love to travel with your gaming devices, get a rubber mouse pad so it keeps its shape and form even after folding. Also, the mouse pad should be light enough to carry easily while traveling to distant places.


You need to clean the mouse pads regularly to eliminate the deposits of dirt, oils, and dust that settle on them slowly. The deposits also reduce the accuracy and response of your mouse to some extent. Therefore, getting a waterproof mouse pad that is not damaged by water is better. It has been noticed that mouse pads made from fabric and other soft materials tend to dry slowly. On the other hand, hard surfaces, like plastic, are easy to clean and also dry quickly. Rubber-surfaced mouse pads also dry quickly, and they are waterproof as well. 


Comfort should be on your priority list while buying a mouse pad, especially if you want to use them uninterruptedly during longer gaming sessions. Mouse pads made from hard materials like plastic hurt your hand after some time. On the other hand, mouse pads made from silicone and fabric are comfortable, but they might not be as responsive as hard plastic surfaces. To get the perfect combination of comfort and sensitivity, you can get high-quality rubber mouse pads. Rubber mouse pads are smooth enough to provide comfort and strong enough to grip the surface of your gaming desk or table. 

Hard mouse pads also damage the button of your mouse slowly. You can easily check it by the worn-off paint or color on the bottom of the mouse. Soft mouse pads don’t have this limitation and help your gaming mouse to provide long-lasting performance. 

Some mouse pads also come with a cushion on which you can rest your wrists. However, the cushioning material may be a hindrance while engaging in an intense gaming bout. If you have to move your wrist frequently against the cushioning material, it may even cause slight irritation or discomfort after some time. Therefore, you must decide whether or not you need mouse pads with a cushioned seat for your wrist.


If you are buying an expensive mouse pad, you must also check whether it is durable enough to stand the test of time. Ordinary mouse pads have unstitched seams that come out after a few months and become useless. Get mouse pads that are stitched seamlessly to provide superior performance for years. New-age mouse pads come with anti-fray stitched edges. It means that the threads or fibers of these mouse pads won’t start coming out even after years. It automatically enhances their overall durability and stability. Get a durable mouse pad with duly stitched seems that offer optimal performance without any complaints! 


Mouse Pad Stability

You must purchase mouse pads that offer high stability even while playing online games in a frenzy. These days, mouse pads with a vacuum grip design are available on e-commerce platforms. These mouse pads have a tiny suction base bottom that grips firmly on the surface. As a result, they provide top-notch performance and stability to the users. A non-slip mouse pad with a rubber base and fruit grain suction design can be the perfect choice if you need a stable mouse pad that doesn’t slip during your intense gaming sessions. 

Additional features 

Mouse Pad Additional Features

A mouse pad with USB pass-throughs helps you to connect your wired mouse from a nearby distance. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the wired cables while playing games. Some mouse pads also have RGB lighting and advanced features like wireless charging. However, these mouse pads are also quite expensive. If you want to buy a high-tech gaming mouse pad that looks great, it is better to get mouse pads that are customized and designed with modern patterns which boost your gaming mood.


To sum up, when choosing the best mouse pad for gaming or regular purposes, check the finishing of the material and confirm whether the edges are stitched or not. Also, choose a gaming mouse pad that offers comfort and does not compromise on sensitivity. The mouse pad should also facilitate accurate movement while playing your favorite online games.