gaming keyboards

Astra G100

- Full Size Semi-mechanical Keyboard
- Water Resistant Elevated Key Design
- Durable Scratch Resistant Keycaps 


Dryad 100

- Two Different Polar Patterns 
- Dedicated Noise Cancellation Button 
- 4 Unique Voice Changing Modes 

mobile phone coolers

Typhon Pro 

- Dedicated Dual Mode Switch
- Instant Cooling with High Conduction Base
- Clamp for Compatibility Across Devices 

Beast of the series

Quiver 500

- Wireless Charging Mousepad
- Voltage & Current Protection
- PU Material for Optimal Movements

More In Mousepad

Quiver 400

- Edge Strip RGB Lighting
- 3USB and 1 USB C Port
- Jacquard Material Surface

Keyboard Wrist Rest

Aphros 100

- Premium PU Material Construct
- Light Weight and Portable
- Memory Foam for Extra Comfort